Our Published Picture Books

By Mirka M.G. Breen, published by Hometown 520 LLC, 2011

When a family hosts a turkey rather than eat one, the real celebration begins.

“There’s a Turkey at the Door” is a book that vegetarian families will treasure, but all families will enjoy. It is a warm, humorous and whimsical story with a universal message about acceptance. As a vegetarian for over 40 years who raised three vegetarian children, I can strongly relate to Niles’ feelings of being an outsider, of needing to explain how his family is “different,” when asked, each year, by his teacher to write about “Turkey Day.” When a wild turkey appears at Niles’ doors on Thanksgiving, “Turkey Day” takes on an all new and very special meaning.

Sue Klapholz, M.D., Ph.D Stanford University

Congratulations, Mirka!

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