Summer 2009

One thing is for certain about children’s writers…we love to explore our world! Here are some of our highlights this summer spent with family and friends.

Ev’s Summer
pens and brushes HPIM5162

pensandbrushes 100_0111

Top, left to right: Priya, Nancy, Ev, Tina
Bottom, left to right: Priya, Ev, Nancy, Tina
back row: Ev’s husband Ralph, Nancy’s husband Jeff

This summer Ev traveled to California with her husband on a business trip and for the very first time, met with the 3 who live there.


Mirka’s Summer

Look what the Breen kids have been up to this summer!


Diane’s Summer
One of the many highlights, Diane & her husband Peter had was a 26 mile backpack around and into, Mt. Assiniboine Provencial Park, British Columbia, Canada. The park is only accessible by hiking, skiing, or helicopter.


Nancy’s Summer
sanders PICT1875
blue whale HPIM5258
Nancy and her son Ben (left) and husband Jeff (right) enjoyed a whale watching trip off the coast of Huntingdon Beach, CA. They followed this blue whale while it was feeding along the shore.

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