Summer 2010

Flying to Los Angeles (Mirka & her daughter Rachel, on left)

Resting at the hotel, before Rachel’s Piano Competition.

A big change came in store for Tina this summer when she moved with her family to Korea!

Tina and her son Isaac enjoyed a day at Legoland with husband Jackey and daughter Anna.

Definitely the highlight of the summer for Evelyn was the news that her Aba-Conundrums had received a Parents’ Choice Award and later, the news that her Inchimals had received a Teachers’ Choice Award. Way to go, Ev!

Josh and his wife, Gretchen near Alta,Utah.

Josh and his children at Rock Canyon, near Provo,Utah.

Diane spent her summer moving from Oregon to Western Colorado. Here she is with Stanley exploring the Grand Mesa.

Nancy and her husband Jeff toured several eastern states this summer. Here they are atop the Empire State Building. Together with their son, Ben, they visited Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston (for the very first time!).

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